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Christmas social this Wed (19th Dec) as part of normal night

PostPosted: Mon Dec 17, 2012 10:14 pm
by small_furry_spider
Dear all,
For those of you who don't use facebook, we are planning on having a gaming social on Wed 19th Dec as part of the normal gaming night. It will be a giant game of 40k with pizza. Everyone brings 1000pts and we split into two teams and kill each other. If you don't have a 40k army, don't worry, you can probably borrow something, if you can't remember all the rules, don't worry, this is supposed to be relaxed and fun.
If everyone can get there as near 6pm as possible this should allow us to order pizza, collect it, sort teams, borrow armies etc for a kick off at 7pm.

Oh, and if you really can't/won't play 40k, I am sure there will be space for other games too as normal.

Any questions, let me know,